Autoimmune Wellness Jumpstart 

A step-by-step  6 week group course to guide warriors to take back their life through nutrition, lifestyle and mindset habits 


The Autoimmune Wellness Jumpstart:


Whether this is your first time, restarting or just need a refresh - this course was designed to empower you to reach the top of your autoimmune mountain in 2022!


  • Warriors empowering Warriors
    • Weekly Group Zoom Meetings
    • Private Facebook Group to Connect & Ask Questions
  • A Foundation to get you started
    • 30 Video Lessons
    • 100 page Workbook
  • Finding what’s right for your own body

What if you didn’t have to feel like you’ve been hit by by a truck full of bricks EVERY SINGLE DAY?


Maybe you...


  • Had to give up all of your dreams because of your autoimmune disease
  • Maybe you believed your medications would heal you, but you only seem to be getting worse
  • Maybe even, your autoimmune disease took away your hope for a normal life
  • Leaving you at your rock bottom and searching for answers to feel just a bit better

But by…


  • Feeding your body what it needs 

  • Decreasing stress from your life

  • And improving your mindset

… without having to guess what would be best for your body

….without jumping on a fad diets

….without medication after medication that never seems to work

...and without a “one diet fits all” people mindset

I remember being at my own rock bottom searching for hope and willing to try anything to feel just a bit better. I remember like it was yesterday being in so much pain and so exhausted that I felt like a walking zombie going through my life

Six months later, the majority of my pains and fatigue were gone and it wasn't always easy but changing my daily habits saved my life.

Food is Medicine. Our mind is a Muscle. Our Habits Matter.

Introducing: The Autoimmune Wellness Jumpstart

Course Instructor

Hey! I'm Melody. Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Wahls Practitioner and MS Warrior

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at 15 years old! I have found so many answers within nutrition and lifestyle habits these past eight years since my diagnosis! I know deep in my soul it is my purpose to help others learn how to do the same!

I quickly found out through my education and working 1:1 with clients that there is no such thing as a one diet fits all! EVERYONE NEEDS THEIR OWN FORMULA!

Since every autoimmune warrior needs something a little different, I created this course to help you learn about what your personal body needs and run with it! You deserve to THRIVE with autoimmunity!

This group course is a 6 week course designed to help you thrive in your autoimmune wellness journey while connecting with fellow warriors on your same journey

Whether this is your first time, restarting or just need a refresh - this course was designed to empower you to reach the top of your autoimmune mountain in 2022!


  • Teaching you the foundation of a wellness journey
  • Helping you integrate lifestyle and mindset practices into your journey
  • Empowering you with a community of warriors
  • Knowing what to look out for when you Grocery Shop along with recipes to get you started
  • Understanding that this is a process 
  • Knowing that nutrition, lifestyle and mindset habits all play a key role in healing
  • Learning how to troubleshoot your own body for optimal results that are lifelong.

Get Started Here, Warrior!

By the end of this self - paced course you will:

  • Feel your body repairing and recovering one small step at a time
  • More energy
  • Decreased Inflammation
  • Have nutrition habits that serve your body
  • Have tools in your pocket to successfully navigate your wellness journey
  • Know that this is a lifelong journey but day by day know what steps to get a bit better each and every day
  • Have confidence in navigating your wellness journey
  • Have steps to fall back on and troubleshoot your own body if and when needed!

Who can benefit from The Ultimate Blueprint for Autoimmune Wellness?

(autoimmune warriors with inflammation)

Multiple Sclerosis



Celiac Disease

Rheumatoid Arthritis




Check out fellow wellness warriors

She has given me the tools I need and the gift of healing

- Heidi Sweeney

Working with Melody has been a life-changing transformation for me

-Eileen Figueroa

Thank you Melody for helping me take control of my autoimmune disease

-Mariela Gray