Autoimmune Wellness Mindset

Find the LIGHT in your Autoimmune disease

I know. This sucks.

But since we can’t change it, what are we going to do about it ?

Find ways to bring hope, health and prosperity?

Think outside the box?

Try to implement a strict nutrition & lifestyle plan because

FOOD is the foundation to our being?

Because you’ve heard nutrition helps others manage their symptoms....

Why can’t it help you?

Our circumstances do not define us, but how we respond and choose to live with that circumstance defines our character.

Find the Light in your Autoimmune disease

 I know some days it feels like your losing the battle. But you know what? You’re up, you’re going & you’re still fighting.

That sounds like a warrior to me.

Trust me, I know it’s hard.

On hard days especially, it’s crucial to change your MINDSET! Stress only causes inflammation that triggers symptoms!

So where can you start to find your LIGHT ?☀️

1. Count your blessings
2. Thank your body for all it does for you. Your body is fighting just as much as you are.
3. Support and love your body by feeding it some nutrients to keep fighting= veggies, fats and meats ? 🍃
4. Rest. Sometimes your body needs it
5. Thank your disease for making you stronger and wiser.
6. Meditation and Words of Affirmation can go a long way

Find the light! 

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