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Baby Steps to Autoimmune Health

Dec 19, 2020

What’s the secret to Autoimmune Wellness?

Well here it is. It’s not easy - but it is simple. It’s finding a formula that works specifically for you!! It’s going at a pace that won’t cause your body increased stress. It’s decreasing stressors and finding the discipline within yourself every single day to get and be better. 

So here are my quick “cheat sheet” tips for anyone that is new to the autoimmune- nutrition wellness scene. 

Before you start - I want to tell you that you are a warrior and that this is going to be hard but it is also 100% possible to do. There is still so much HOPE through our nutrition, lifestyle and mindset habits!

Here are some “baby-steps” you can make to jumpstart your autoimmune wellness journey today!! You do not need to go in any specific order - choose a path the best fits YOU!

  1.     Eliminate Inflammatory Foods: This may be broken down into multiple steps as well. Would you like to start with gluten, dairy, or refined sugars? You can do this all at once or one at a time, it is completely up to you! Eliminating these foods will tremendously help your gut and decrease inflammation throughout your body
  2.     Start Cooking Meals at Home – Do you eat most of your meals out? Reducing processed oils from fast food restaurants can help you balance your omega-6 fatty acids that contribute to inflammation throughout the body! It is also pretty difficult to get nutrient-dense foods when we eat out all of the time! You can start by reducing the amount of times you eat out to only a few times a week, setting one day of the week aside to meal prep/ batch cook for yourself, or making sure you are eating at least one meal a day that was cooked at home
  3.     Make it a habit to Structure Your Meals – Every meal should contain some sort of veggie, one protein and one fat. Your primary nutritional support will focus on feeding your body a sufficient amount of micronutrients. Focus on the nutrient density of each meal, not the amount of calories it contains! You are allowed to eat to satiety, so load up on those nutrients!
  4.     Fats – Fat’s are one of your best friends and will help you increase energy and mental clarity tremendously! Find an omega 3 to omega 6 fatty acid balance that works for you. Think about high quality fats such as organic meats, and wild caught seafoods (fish and shellfish). I also want you to have high quality cooking fats – ghee, coconut oil, olive oil, and avocado oil
  5.     Nutrient- Dense Foods – Make sure you are sourcing your veggies, fruits, meats, protein, and seafood from quality sources! We want to make sure our foods aren’t losing its nutrients before we eat them!
  6.     Take it a step further – Start incorporating “superfoods” that will add to our nutrient-density load such as fermented foods, organ meat such as liver, apple cider vinegar and bone broth! These foods support our gut microbiota and the restoration of our cells!
  7.     Go Grocery Shopping & Pantry Renovation – Buy foods that will support your journey and help support your new lifestyle! It will make it a lot easier when the food is already inside your home and ready for you to properly prepare. Also, it is time to start getting rid of foods that aren’t supporting your wellness journey. It’s time for your pantry renovation!
  8.     Lifestyle factors – Nutrition is only one half of your wellness journey! We want to decrease your overall stress levels as much as possible! This could include a proper amount of sleep, proper hydration, adding movement, and managing stress levels (implementing meditative practices)


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