Autoimmune Wellness Journey

I want to help you find the LIGHT in your autoimmune disease. If you're looking for you're old life back but feel trapped inside your own body. I've been there too. I know how you feel & it would be my honor to help you too!


About Me

Hi! I’m Melody. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) when I was 15 years old. I have found my answers in nutrition and lifestyle practices. I have been able to completely manage my symptoms for the past 8 years. That is why I’ve become a Nutritional Therapy and Wahls Protocol Health Practitioner. I want to help all of you on your wellness journey too!

I’ve been there. I know how you feel. I know its hard. But it’s completely possible to get your life back!

More About Me

Trainings and Courses

1:1 Wahls Protocol Program


The Wahls Protocol is a research proven method to manage your autoimmune disease. The goal of this 16 step program is to teach you how to infuse your body with nutrients, while eliminating inflammatory autoimmune foods to repair your body and cells

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1:1 Nutritional Therapy Programs


Nutritional Therapy utilizes a bio-individual approach - meaning this is not a "one diet fits all" approach. This program aims to reach your root cause by utilizing the Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire to find your imbalances and deficiencies within your personal body!

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Group Program Course


Whether this is your first time, restarting or just need a refresh - this 6 week course was designed to empower you to reach the top of your autoimmune mountain in 2022! Alongside the course videos, there will be weekly live trainings to go over the material and meet with fellow warriors!

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DIY Autoimmune Wellness Course 


This course is a self-paced, 100% online program with a blueprint guaranteed to take you from completely lost and not knowing how to start your own wellness journey to completely understanding how to persevere with your wellness journey and cultivating habits!

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What can you expect working with Melody on your Autoimmune Wellness Journey??

Hey fellow warrior! To me, your success is personal. You’re not in this alone. There is HOPE and my goal is to teach you how to make this a life sustainable plan!


You'll understand what foods help manage  your autoimmune disease and which foods to eliminate!


Nutrition is only half the battle! The mind is the whole other half! I will help you cultivate an unstoppable mindset!


You will learn how to cultivate an environment and habits that align with your vitality!

Heidi Sweeney

"She has given me the tools I need and the gift of healing."

Eileen Figueroa

"Working with Melody has been a life-changing transformation for me!"

Marie Gray

"Thank you Melody for helping me take control of my autoimmune disease"

Learn how to begin your own autoimmune wellness Journey


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You got this!

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